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The first one I completed as a final piece in my AS level back when I was 17 (8 years ago!!).


This was a composition I had created on photoshop, playing with the opacity and layering pictures on top of each other.


I then painted wheat I had created with oil on canvas, it took me about 10 hours to paint


Below is a picture of my friend (who modelled for me to created the picture), this just shows the size of the painting and my subject!



Below is probably my favourite painting I have done. This was my final piece at A2, I was 18 when I created this.

The theme was 'Nature and Mankind', I decided to go down the route of a tree trunk. If you look closely you can see there are rings separating sections, similar to when you slice a tree. Each section and throughout it has different types of natural and manmade images I have painted using various equipment and paints.

There is brick walls, bark, cement, flowers, leaves etc, all created it a abstract styled. If you haven't realised already, I love big messy and bright paintings, so this one hangs proudly above my fireplace in my little London flat.

Another bright piece, this one was a media study when I was 17 doing my AS.


The theme was 'Inside, Outside & In-between'. I decided to focus this whole project on rain water on a window.


The view from the inside, the rain being outside and the glass pain being the one thing in between.


This painting was produced from a picture that I took from inside a car, you can see where the wipers have swiped and left the image behind is blurred.


You can also see where the rain droplets have settled on the windshield.


This was painted using oil on canvas, it took me about 8 hours to paint.



This was a commission requested by someone, a really beautiful piece with a story behind it.

A woman (the blonde subject), had a dog who sadly died at a young age of 5. So her son wanted a painting for her birthday to remember her dog she loved so dearly.

This painting was a completely made up image. The woman is walking her dog in Bushy Park as she always did, the dog is walking towards two people in the background. 

These two people are relatives of hers who had passed away in the last 15 years. The dog is going to greet them.

Such a touching and beautiful present, and a new challenge for me creating a piece from my own imagination and a collection of pictures I had been given to produce a realistic image of the dog and people.

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