Frequently asked questions

Can I request a new drawing?

Yes! If you go into the store the first 5 options are for 'Bespoke Drawings'. This is for either 'Bespoke Famous Individual' for example Jimi Hendrix, as he is just one person. The price starts at £90 and varies depending on what size you choose. (A4 £90, A3 £100, £A3+ £110, A2 £120) 'Bespoke Famous Group' for example The Beatles, this is a band and therefore multiple people therefore it takes me much longer to create. The price starts at £100 and again goes up by £10 depending on what size you choose. 'Bespoke Personal Individual' for example a picture of your Mum. This is a drawing of someone personal to you. The price starts at £140 and again goes up by £10 depending on the size you choose. 'Bespoke Personal Group' for example a picture of you and your boyfriend. This is a drawing that is personal to you that includes more than one person. The price starts at £170 and goes up by £10 depending on the size that you choose. If you have any more questions about bespoke drawings do not hesitate to email me

Does it come framed?

No. Every print/drawing is sent rolled up in a high quality, strong tube. If you would like it to arrive framed, this comes at an extra cost and you will have to specially request this by emailing me contact@lyricartbydominique.

I live outside the UK, do you ship worldwide?

Yes! Worldwide shipping costs £15 and it is tracked. You can purchase this at checkout.

How long does it take for you to finish my bespoke drawing?

I always say give me 3-4 weeks from when you order for it to be finished. If you need it sooner than that, you can purchase a premium to evidentally be 'bumped up the queue'. If this is something you need, then email me

Do you use different colours other then black?

I mainly only use black but i have used a pop of colour in some drawings like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The 1975, David Bowie, Jurgen Klopp & Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have yet been asked to create a drawing with full colour but I'd love to be challenged and I am sure I'd be able to do it!

Do you make your own frames?

No. they are outsourced from another supplier.

Does it arrive flat packed?

No. Every drawing arrived rolled up in a high standard, strong tube. This is much safer for you drawing and avoids getting bent in transit. If you would like it framed then you will have to email me directly

Would you be open to negotiating on prices?

Only if it is a 'Bespoke Drawing' and if the drawing request doesnt entirely line up with the basic pricing I have created. For example, if you wanted me to create a lyric drawing of your house, your dog or a logo, none of these ideas are people and therefore I can assess how long I expect it to take me to create alongside my basic pricing. I do not negotiate prices on my prints. Keep an eye on my socials (instagram @dominiqueartist) for deals and sales.

Do you offer seasonal discounts?

Yes absolutely! Keep an eye on my website, my instagram @dominiqueartist, and also subscribe to my website to get direct emails reminding you of sales! You can subscribe at the bottom of every page on my website.