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Digital Creations


1. Working with


to make

I have experience using Adobe Suites especially Photoshop, Illustrator & Lightroom. As well as video editing using Premier Pro and I also use iMovie regularly for my lyric art compilations.

The software I use the most is Procreate. This is because I am more illustrative if anything. I use my iPad Pro and pencil to create beautiful pieces which can then be transferred onto softwares such as Photoshop, as it also uses layers.

A big project I did last year was when I was hired as a freelance for Crave Interactive Ltd. Crave is a leading developer of digital solutions for the global hospitality industry.


During the start of the pandemic they were creating a whole new platform called 'ServeSafely', and they hired me to create a Cartoon story board of various situations best to explain their product to potential clients etc. You can see just a few examples of the cartoon storyboards below.

These drawings were created incredibly quickly, within the hour of being told to create them as the business had to act fast before other companies jumped on the band wagon.

I was creating a drawing every 30mins and have over 100 cartoon storyboards for multiple situations. Talking back and forth with the CEO to make sure it was exactly what he needed each time to accurately explain his service. I had a lot of fun doing this and was really thrown in the deep end, which I loved!.

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