Words that create a bigger picture

Art and music adds a real beauty to the lives of those who experience it, which serves as inspiration to truly touch people with my collection. This is a distinguished Online Art Store, with specially curated pieces of people using only the words associated to them, all created myself. Please browse my site and get in touch with questions about anything you wish, from sizes and prices, to style and lyrics.

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In 2018, Dominique's Lyric Art was founded. Starting from just an idea, a byro and a fine liner ink pen, I fell in love with the end product as I started to explore into the different artistic utensils and produce more and more complicated pictures. Since the launch, I've drastically improved the shipping options and boosted my collection. I have even started to create these drawings on an iPad Pro using Procreate and therefore I am able to use many brush styles & thicknesses creating much more detailed pieces. Browse my site and find your next lyric drawing today.



What would you like?

You take the reins! If there is a person you want me to draw, you can decide the picture, the words, make it as personal as you like.

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They can come in various sizes. Whether you are buying this Art as a poster on your wall, to be framed and hung proudly, whatever your intentions are, the prints come in sizes A4, A3, A3+ or A2. If there is another size you would like feel free to contact me.



Every print bought in the UK is shipped 1st Class (price varies by size), if you spend over £60 then it is free! UK Tracking & Worldwide Shipping  (also tracked) is also available at an extra cost. If you would like it framed please contact me, it is possible at an extra cost.



My lyric art portfolio has grown over time thanks to my customers, yes that means you! Although it has a lot more room for growth. You can purchase a piece from my portfolio, but you can also help that growth by thinking of something brand new for me to draw! Please give me 4 weeks notice to produce a piece, but if you need it ASAP email me and we may be able to arrange it.


"Words are flowing out
Like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe"

The Beatles